About Geometry

The New Luxury

In the past ten years beautiful designer bags have become so inflated in price, few are immune to the sticker shock.

We wanted to give women a new option: A handbag line that offers all of the luxury, without the luxury premium. 

Geometry bags are American-made, timeless design pieces, produced in small runs and sold exclusively online.

The best part about that: While our handbags compete in construction with those made by the major design houses, selling them exclusively online means nobody has to skip rent to own one.





Old Friends

We are four creatives who’ve worked behind the scenes for some of the most influential brands of the last two decades. Passionate about beautifully made leather accessories, we decided it was time to create a line that we could call our own.

With access to one of the oldest leather factories in North America—and its incredible team of artisans—we began the Geometry adventure.

Now, almost two years later, we have our first bags. That's the time it took for us to perfect them. Perfect though, is a moving target—one we will continue to aim for in all we do. 

Auctions For Education

Businesses are in a unique position to effect social change; we wanted to build philanthropy right into Geometry’s DNA.

To do it, we’re taking the age-old charity auction model and bringing it into new territory: the web. 

Every few months we will create one-of-a-kind bags using exotic skins—bags that would easily retail for $4-10k—and auction them through the site. All profits from these auctions will go towards our favorite do-gooders: the people working to improve education here and abroad. 

Learn more about the program here.   

How They Work

We will be creating one-of-a-kind pieces and auctioning them right here on the site.

These custom bags will feature unique details and materials, including coveted exotics like snake and alligator skin.  

We hope that if we do our jobs right, one day these bags could be collectors items.

The Recipients

All proceeds will go to select non-profits that are working to improve access to good education for those in need.

Early recipients will include Khan Academy, the online school whose mission is to provide free, world-class education for anyone anywhere. If you're not familiar with Khan Academy, we encourage you to watch this Ted Talk and visit their site

Another early partner will be Africa Schoolhouse, a non-profit dedicated to giving children in remote areas of Africa safe and life-changing access to education.

Do you have an education innovator to tell us about? Just send an email to

How To Know About Auctions

The best way to know about auctions is to join us on our social networks: Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Not one for social? Not a problem. We’ll be sure to announce auctions through our newsletter, on our blog, and right here on the site. You’ll just have to stop by more often.



Depending on your location, shipments to the US should arrive between 3-7 business days. Feel free to contact us for more specific request:


Email and if the order hasn't shipped yet we will correct the mistake.


Yes we do ship internationally for $20, amount are billed in USD.

Returns and Exchanges


We will accept returns within 90 days if the product is unworn and undamaged. Feel free to contact us if you have additional questions.